Why You Need Seacoast Accountability


Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping is typically less expensive than the costs associated with hiring bookkeeping staff.  Legislative changes affecting payroll and tax preparation are burdensome to keep up with.

Our services can be done off site, you don’t even need to own a computer or bookkeeping and tax software.  You specify the scope of services provided.  We can come in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just one time to get you on track or set up.  We have convenient drop off and pick up services, and will even come to your home to help you get your tax return information together and to answer any questions you may have.

If you use our bookkeeping and accounting services, appropriate reporting will result in a streamlined process at tax preparation time, and  useful information to assess if changes are needed to improve cash flow, profitability, or tax liability throughout the year.  You can feel secure in knowing that your records are complete and in order for banks, owners, and the IRS at any time specific information is needed.  We can help with your cash flows by showing you how your customers can be automatically billed and reminded that payment is due, and how you can take advantage of purchase discounts and schedule your bills so that they are paid on time.


The Gift of Time

We take the time to painstakingly insure that your information is complete, accurate, and accessible when you need it.  We provide online back up of your QuickBooks file and file sharing on a secure, remote server for our bookkeeping and payroll clients.  If keeping the books has become overwhelming, or the changes in tax and payroll legislation cumbersome to keep up with, call us for a FREE consultation to discuss how we can offer you the “gift of time”.