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SA March 2014: QB and Excel Tips, moving QB to the cloud, help for a missing W-2, SA Tax Links, and more…

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QuickBooks and Bookkeeping News

Using CSV to Export to Excel can be much easier if you are creating reports that regularly need to be refreshed with updated data from QuickBooks.

If you have ever thought about Hosting Your QuickBooks Desktop Edition, here is a good article explaining the process and the pros and cons of moving your application into the cloud.

New to QuickBooks?  This article compares the various QuickBooks Desktop Editions, so you can decide which version is right for you.

We remind you that QuickBooks will no longer support certain services and features for QuickBooks 2011.  You will need to upgrade your software by May 31, 2014.

Seacoast Accountability is now offering affordable QuickBooks classes!  Email us at, or call us at (603) 834-1271, for further details.
Avoid the headaches-Seacoast Accountability payroll services start at $100 per month.


Don’t forget about the Tax Links on our website.  Some of the links you will find are Where’s My Refund?, 1040-ES (Estimated Tax Form), 2014 Standard Mileage Rates, 2014 Per Diem Rates, Tax Brackets, Form W-9, and more.

Please let us know if your name changed last year.  We will need to file your return based on what is reported on your Social Security card.

Single and Head of Household=$51900, Married Filing Joint=$80800, Married Filing Separate=$40400:  If your taxable income is over these amounts, you could be subject to AMT, Alternative Minimum Tax.

Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable? How taking a new job could affect how much of your Social Security is taxable.

New 2013 Rules for Deducting Medical and Dental Expenses The new 10% threshold, and what is deductible.

Are you Missing Your W-2? This should have been mailed out to you by January 31st.  Here’s what to do if you still haven’t received it.

Why you should use Direct Deposit for your refund.

Is your tax return getting too complicated to do yourself? Give us a call! 

Small Business News

20 Must Have Tools for Small Businesses  We use quite a few of these, and many are free.

This is a good article, with some of the basics of which features to include and which features to avoid on your Website.

I never was much of a morning person, until I owned my own small business!  Here’s a practical article “The Power of Mornings: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Get Up Early”.

10 Signs You’re Using Social Media Wrong

Monthly Tip:  Shut Up and Listen

Don’t forget to go online and file your NH Annual Report with the Secretary of State by 4/1/14, if you are a dba, LLC, or other business registered in the state of NH.
Seacoast Accountability is looking for professionals who would like to have a link on the resource page of our website.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information about the subjects posted.  It should no way be construed as tax or financial advisement.  We do not endorse any website or product introduced here.  Please contact Seacoast Accountability, a CPA, or a tax professional to discuss your particular tax or financial situation.

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