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QuickBooks and Bookkeeping News

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QuickBooks and Bookkeeping News


QuickBooks has a Year End Guide in the Help menu.  This guide provides links to common year end tasks, such as what and how to reconcile, tasks to complete if you use subcontractors, and over a dozen other checklist items.

Preparing your 1099 forms for subcontractors in QuickBooks may require you to Exclude Payments from Third Parties, in order to generate an accurate 1099.

Automatic Year End Adjustments that QuickBooks makes, and how to decide about closing out the year are discussed.  This article points out the advantages and disadvantages of closing out the year in QuickBooks.

If you are using QuickBooks 2012, you will need to Upgrade your software this coming May if you want to continue using some features such as payroll and online banking downloads.

Step by step instructions, and tips to ensure a smooth Update of Your Company File.

Seacoast Accountability is now offering affordable QuickBooks classes!  Email us at, or call us at (603) 834-1271, for further details.

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Payroll and Employee News

If you process your own payroll in QuickBooks, there is a Year End Payroll Center that provides a checklist of tasks and due dates.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has raised several questions on who, what, and how to report employer sponsored health coverage.  This link provides information pertaining to the ACA, QuickBooks payroll processing and several FAQ on the subject.

Give employees 24/7 access to their W-2 and pay information online using View My Paycheck.

Most states update their State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Rate at the beginning of the year.  We have seen NH change the rate more than once during 2014.  Information about SUI rates and notices, how to change your rate in QuickBooks, and troubleshooting calculations, is provided.
Intuit provides a Tax Compliance site for Federal, state, and Social Security compliance issues.

Avoid the headaches-Seacoast Accountability payroll services start at $100 per month.


We wanted to go ahead and remind you to write down your ending odometer reading at the end of the year, if you use your vehicle for business purposes. We will also be sending another reminder note to subscribers’ email a little later in the month.

The new business mileage rate for 2015 is 57.5 cents per mile.  Other 2015 mileage deduction rates can be found on our Tax Links page.

Read in detail about H.R. 5771, which extended several tax provisions for both individuals and small business, and added the ABLE act for families who have a child with disabilities.

The IRS will begin accepting individual returns on January 20th, but don’t forget that several of your forms are not required to be mailed to you until January 31st.  If you have investments with an investment company, you may not receive the documents needed to complete your return until as late as March of this year.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the new 1095 Forms, proving that you meet the minimum health insurance requirements for 2014.  These forms may be issued by your employer and/or your health insurance company.  Your tax preparer will need these forms to prepare your tax return for 2014

Is your tax return getting too complicated to do yourself? Give us a call! 

Small Business News

If your business is registered in NH, now is the time to File Your Annual Report. The report is due by April 1, 2015, and does carry a rather stiff penalty for filing late.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Humanize Your Marketing for 2015

It’s time again to make a strategic plan for your business for 2015.  This article has a free assessment form and lots of good advice on how to write a Comprehensive Business Plan.

Get a Jump on 2015 With This Easy 30-Minute Marketing Plan

The Federal government does it, the state does it, and the town does it.  Your business should, too-How to Create an Annual Budget in QuickBooks for 2015.

Seacoast Accountability is looking for professionals who would like to have a link on the resource page of our website.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information about the subjects posted.  It should no way be construed as tax or financial advisement.  We do not endorse any website or product introduced here.  Please contact Seacoast Accountability, a CPA, or a tax professional to discuss your particular tax or financial situation.

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