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SA Sep News: Change in staff, QB User Manuals and Tools, Payroll and Employee News, Back to School Tax Credits, Business Loan tips, and more….

I am sorry to say that Sarah is no longer with us.  Please be patient while we recruit and train a new staff member.  Please contact Kathy directly for any questions or concerns.

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QuickBooks and Bookkeeping News

There are several User Guides and Manuals available in print for your QuickBooks software.  Both the Windows and Mac platform guides are available.

If you have forgotten, or otherwise need your administrator password, here is an Automated Password Reset Tool that can help.

Several Support Tools can be downloaded to help fix a broken QuickBooks file, retrieve lost data, and remedy printer problems.

Moving your QuickBooks file to another computer will require you to enter your License Number to register the software.  You can get this information by providing the phone number on file with Intuit and your email address


Seacoast Accountability is now offering affordable QuickBooks classes!  Email us at, or call us at (603) 834-1271, for further details.

Save up to 35% on QuickBooks 2014 software and products when you purchase from our website at

Payroll and Employee News

Hiring a new employee is said to cost 6 to 9 months of salary every time an employee is replaced.  This article describes 8 Interview Questions to help you utilize the interview process to the fullest.

Now is the time to talk to employees about changing their W-4, which reports their withholding allowance.   Changes in marital status, or having too big a refund or owing taxes at year end, are good indicators that the employee should adjust their withholding via this form.

Do you provide free meals and snacks to employees as a perk?  You may want to read this article, which describes how the IRS is looking at making Employer Provided Meals taxable.

This article discusses How to Choose Your Payroll Schedule, and offers tips for choosing a payroll provider and tools for managing payroll.

Avoid the headaches-Seacoast Accountability payroll services start at $100 per month.


The IRS has revamped their Trucking Center.  If you own heavy equipment or vehicles, this site helps with filing vehicle use tax and offers links for fuel tax credits.

There is an IRS webinar tomorrow, Sept 10, which will cover Business Use of Your Home, or the home office deduction.  There are also links for webinars about keeping business records and the Affordable Care Act.

This is a list of Back-To-School Tax Credits, how much they are and how they work.

Using Miscellaneous Deductions can help lower your taxes

Is your tax return getting too complicated to do yourself? Give us a call! 

Small Business News

This article discusses how you can Improve Your Chances of Getting a Small Business Loan, including tips if you have a low credit score, what types of banks you should apply to, common mistakes, and other practical advice.

Coming up with blog topics is not always easy.  Here is an article that talks about a common sense approach on How to Brainstorm Blog Topics that your audience will want to read.

Customers or clients can be difficult, but they may not necessarily always rights.  Here are 5 Tips to Effectively Deal With Difficult Customers, which outlines the communication that may salvage or ease the tension in the relationship.

Here is a list of upcoming Small Business Administration webinars and training seminars in the Seacoast, NH area.

Seacoast Accountability is looking for professionals who would like to have a link on the resource page of our website.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information about the subjects posted.  It should no way be construed as tax or financial advisement.  We do not endorse any website or product introduced here.  Please contact Seacoast Accountability, a CPA, or a tax professional to discuss your particular tax or financial situation.

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