Are you up to date on payroll forms and regulations? 

Do you timely and accurately file all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and deposits? 

Can you respond to tax agency inquiries? 

Are you paying more than $100 per month on payroll processing?

We have found that when people think of Seacoast Accountability, they think of our outstanding accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services. But did you know we provide affordable payroll services, starting at $100 per month? 

The advantage of using Seacoast Accountability to process your payroll includes: 

  • A local, central contact when you need to change something in your payroll setup or employee status
  • Review of current and initial documentation to be sure you are in compliance with all taxing authorities
  • E-mail reminders to keep you informed of the filing and funding of your payroll
  • Suggestions on employee withholdings
  • No need to create payroll journal entries, for our customers using QuickBooks 2008 or newer versions 

Our convenient monthly fee is all inclusive, from set up to generating your year end W-2s. We also offer pay as you go workers compensation coverage, if you qualify, alleviating up front funds for coverage and the need to estimate and reconcile wages. 

Give us a call to discuss your particular payroll processing needs. We also process year end 1099s! 

Payroll processing services:   

  • Remote by phone/email, or on-site service
  • Generation of paychecks and/or direct deposit, or after-the fact payroll services where you write the net checks to  employees
  • Preparation and filing of Federal and State tax returns
  • Collection and deposit of payroll tax funds
  • W-2 and 1099 printing
  • Reconciling collection and disbursements of tax
  • If you are a new employer, we will assist you with the paperwork to meet Federal and State employer filing requirements  

Book an online appointment today and start saving on payroll services with a local payroll provider you can trust!