One of the best referrals for us are smaller, one owner businesses. We love to help them grow, and to grow with them.  If you know anyone that fits any of these scenarios, please ask them if we may contact them for a free initial consultation.  If they say “Yes”, enter their information below.




We appreciate Your Referrals!
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  • Start up business
    We can offer them affordable QuickBooks software to try out. This is not an expiring trial version, but real software that they can get their feet wet with. We will come in and set up all their accounts, according to their particular industry and management reporting needs.  We then train them on the day to day tasks to be completed within QuickBooks. The average time to get them up and going is 1-3 hours.  Money can be saved by starting out on the right foot.
  • Growing business
    Do you know a business owner that is complaining about not having enough hours in the day? We can help them manage part or all of their bookkeeping tasks. During the free consultation we’ll review how they are doing their bookkeeping now, give suggestions to save time and/or improve results, and develop a plan to meet their needs and their budget.
  • Really growing business
    These businesses are ready to hire employees and want more sophisticated financial reporting. We can offer local payroll processing, at about half the cost of the major payroll providers. We’ll also come in and take a look at fine tuning their financial reporting system.

We love to provide tax services to individuals, as well as to our business clients, and always provide a free consultation to review your past and current tax situation.  We offer super affordable rates for the easiest tax returns, and specialize in more complicated tax situations, such as:

  • Sole proprietors, and single member LLCs 
  • Complex stock sales 
  • Rental, royalty, trust, or partnership income 
  • Home office deductions
  • Education and tuition expenses
  • Sales and disposal of business assets

Several of our tax clients are enjoying retirement, or still working as self employed landscapers, realtors, bakers, graphic designers, photographers, consultants, insurance agents, home based businesses, contractors, and several are working for someone else and raising families!