What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

“We requested a reference for a Tax Accountant from our Realtor when we moved to the area. Her recommendation was for Seacoast Accountability, a company she knew well and felt assured that it would serve us well.  Kathy has always been punctual, prepared and well informed.  We will continue to have our tax returns prepared by her company as we feel completely secure and satisfied with her handling of this important aspect of our financial situation.

We have used Seacoast Accountability every year since and have experienced complete satisfaction with the high standard of service. We recommend this excellent company to all who are in need of tax issues.”

Martha Smith
Barrington, NH

“When I started my own training business, I had no idea what it took to run a business and had even less skills with managing bookkeeping and taxes. I was referred to Seacoast Accountability and made it clear I had no clue about QuickBooks or taxes. Kathy was there from the beginning to assist me in keeping track of the paperwork needed to successfully keep the books and prepare and accurate and complete tax return.

Kathy was also there for me when I was audited. She met with me a couple of times to pull all the necessary  documentation and to tell me what to expect. The audit only lasted 4 hours where as we had been told it would take 2 days. We were given a letter stating everything was in order! I am forever grateful for Kathy Foster and Seacoast Accountability! When you think about it, it validates that she knows what records to keep, how to organize them, using sound accounting principles that can hold up to an IRS audit! The auditor was a seasoned numbers person, he has seen many investigations come and go and he was impressed! Time, and money very well spent and an excellent work ethic. You cannot get a better deal or better service than that provided at Seacoast Accountability.”  

Patty Stagno, Owner
Powerskills for Life, LLC
Goffstown, NH


“As the Owner and Operator of Medallion Healthy Homes of New England, I was under the impression that my Accountant was checking my books when we met every year to discuss my Taxes. As the years went by, I finally realized that nobody at his firm had ever done anything but compute my taxes. In the first meeting with Seacoast Accountability, they gave me several money and time saving tips that, in two years, I never received from my accountant. They are pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable with QuickBooks software. I look forward to many years of future business with Seacoast Accountability.”

Bill Booth, CRMI
Medallion Healthy Homes of New England
Nottingham, NH

“Kathy does a fantastic job with our bookkeeping, both for our business and our personal accounting. She understands QuickBooks very well and is able to prepare our records for end-of-the-year evaluation by our CPA, which saves us money on tax filing. Since we are busy and not at home or the office on a regular schedule, it is easy for me to email our files to Kathy. She promptly returns them with data entered so that I can pay bills using accurate information. Kathy is also very good about emailing or calling with any questions she may have. I have tried other bookkeeping services and have never had satisfactory results until working with Kathy. Kathy takes the time to understand our business and our needs, as well as our quirks. Working with Kathy has helped me free up time to focus on business and family. Her dedication and diligence help me feel secure that she enjoys what she does and works hard to keep her clients happy. Thanks Kathy.”

Master Randall, Owner
Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy, Inc
Dover, NH

“Seacoast Accountability has been a great help in cleaning up our Quick Books and I am now confident in the integrity of our figures. They have a good understanding of QuickBooks’ capabilities and have pushed us to take advantage of the built-in efficiencies, saving us time and money by streamlining our book keeping processes. Professional and efficient.”

James Penfold, CEO
IBEX Sports, Inc.
Rollinsford, NH


“I used Seacoast Accountability’s service for the first time last year. I am a new business owner and kept everything in a file folder. Within a couple of hours, all of my bad business habits were transformed into a very well organized and simple format. Kathy has a great personality and really listens to what your concerns are about tax preparation and record keeping. I will continue to use their services year after year.”

Darlene Doughty
Dream Catcher Designs
Barrington, NH