QuickBooks Advanced Training

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location:  TBA

Fee:  $249 per person, training materials included

Available Courses (3 hours each):

  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Time and Materials Billing
  • Internal Controls
  • Budgets


QuickBooks Certified User Program

Date: Last full week in the month.  Weekend classes may be available.

Time: Monday-Thursday, 6-9 pm.

Location:  8 Commerce Way, Barrington, NH  03825

Fee:  $449 per person, please pay by check in advance or call for credit card processing

As we continue to roll out the program, we may also offer two weeknight sessions and a half Saturday session to complete the 12 hours of training, as we see increased demand for those hours.

You do not need to own QuickBooks software, as a trial version of the Pro 2013 will be provided.  You will also receive two instruction manuals, a practice test, and a certification voucher with one retake exam, as part of the course.

If you feel that your knowledge of QuickBooks would allow you to pass the certification exam, without attending our training program, the test can be administered for a separate fee.

Course Objectives:

  • QuickBooks Set Up, Utilities, and General Product Knowledge
  • List Management
  • Items
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Payroll
  • Reports
  • Basic Accounting Principles
  • Customization and Time Saving Shortcuts

Please see our Brochure, or call the office at 603.834.1271 for further information.


QuickBooks Year End Training Seminar

Getting Your Books in Shape for Easy Tax Preparation

Date:  mid-January every year

Time:  10 AM until Noon

Location: TBA

Fee:  $49 per person, please pay by check at the door, or use our Paypal button on our website

This approximately two hour course will walk you through year end clean up and reporting practices that should be done every year end.  A little bit of accounting practice and a lot of QuickBooks practice information will be provided.  We will cover such topics as prior year adjustments, reconciliation, 1099 and payroll tasks, just to name a few.

You can sign up by going to our contact page, and putting QB YE Training as the subject and we will email you confirmation.


Stop Making Mistakes in QuickBooks

The Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Learn from real life case studies:

  • Were you surprised that your tax return didn’t match your QuickBooks?
  • Are you certain your QuickBooks is set up correctly?
  • Are you frustrated with QuickBooks?
  • Can your QuickBooks pass an IRS audit?
  • Are your QuickBooks mistakes costing you time and money?

Come join us for a two hour presentation that will walk you through common mistakes and remedies to make your QuickBooks processing more accurate and audit proof.  How can you assess your financial performance or estimate your current tax situation, if you are not confident in your QuickBooks information?   Let us show you how to verify that you are set up correctly and handling transactions appropriately, and walk away feeling more confident using QuickBooks.

Cost :  $49 per person

Email us for further details on class dates and times.